Sri Lanka Embassy in Bucharest, Romania

The Sri Lanka Embassy in Romania is a vital diplomatic mission between the two nations, fostering strong bilateral relations and promoting cultural and economic cooperation. Read on to learn more about the Sri Lanka embassy in Romania and how Romanian citizens can apply for a visa to visit this fascinating land.

Sri Lanka Embassy in Romania Information

Sri Lanka Embassy has not been established in Romania yet. Therefore, citizens or residents in Romania can only apply for a Sri Lanka visa at the Sri Lanka Embassy Overseas.

Sri Lanka embassies and consulates near Romania

If you want to apply for a Sri Lanka visa, kindly contact and apply for your Sri Lanka visa at the nearest Sri Lanka embassies or consulates in your neighboring countries or in any country in person or by email before arriving in Sri Lanka.

For a short trip to Sri Lanka, Romanian citizens are strongly encouraged to opt for the convenience of the Sri Lanka e-visa system. This online service was introduced in 2012, enabling foreign nationals to register visa applications online in a matter of minutes. This type of visa is exclusively for purposes such as tourism, short-term business, or transit.

Visit details: Sri Lanka visa for Roman citizens.

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