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In recent years, an increasing number of travelers from Afghanistan have been drawn to the country's boundless beauty and captivating culture. Read on to learn more about the Sri Lanka embassy in Afghanistan and how Afghanistan citizens can apply for a visa to visit this fascinating land!

Sri Lanka Embassy in Afghanistan Information

The Sri Lanka Embassy in Afghanistan has not been established yet. Therefore, citizens or residents in Afghanistan can only apply for a Sri Lanka visa at the Sri Lanka Embassy Overseas.

Information of Sri Lanka Embassy near Afghanistan

Kindly contact and apply for a Sri Lanka Visa at the nearest Sri Lanka Embassies or Consulates in your neighboring countries or in any country in person or by email before arriving in Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka Visa Application for Afghan Citizens

Citizens of Afghanistan are required to visit the Sri Lankan Embassy or Consulate in their neighboring countries to apply for a Sri Lanka visa.

At present, Afghanistan passport holders can apply for different types of visas to enter and/or stay in Sri Lanka:

  • Visit Visa
  • Tourist Visit Visa
  • Business Purpose Visa
  • Residence Visa
  • Gratis / Official Visa
  • Transit Visa

The visa application process at the Si Lanka Embassy may be more complicated than applying online. This online service was introduced in 2012, enabling foreign nationals to register Sri Lanka visa applications online in a matter of minutes.

As Afghanistan is eligible for a Sri Lanka e-Visa, its passport holders can take advantage of this visa to enter the country. Follow our simple instructions to complete your visa application swiftly and secure your Sri Lanka e-visa promptly: Sri Lanka visa for Afghan citizens

It's important to note that the Sri Lanka e-visa is exclusively for purposes such as tourism, short-term business, or transit. For other types of visits, kindly contact the Sri Lanka Embassy in your home country for further guidance.

Now is the time to obtain your Sri Lanka visa online for your trip to Sri Lanka, where you will experience the magic of a land filled with awe-inspiring scenery.

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