Sri Lanka visa requirements for Ecuadorian citizens latest update in April 2024

Sri Lanka visa for Ecuadorian citizens has a maximum duration of stay is 1 month (30 days). Please keep reading the article below for details of information and requirements of Sri Lanka visas for Ecuadorian citizens.

1. Sri Lanka visa for Ecuadorian citizens

Ecuadorian citizens must have a visa to visit Sri Lanka. To apply for a Sri Lanka ETA visa, Ecuadorian citizens can choose one of two ways:

  • Apply for a traditional visa at the Sri Lankan Embassy in Ecuador.
  • Apply for a visa online, which is known as Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA).

The Sri Lankan government offers a variety of e-visa to people who wish to visit Sri Lanka. A short visit visa is a type of Sri Lanka visa that grants permission to a foreign national to visit

Sri Lanka for a short period of time. Travelers can stay, travel, and transit to Sri Lanka by e-visa/ETA.

2. Type of Sri Lanka visa ETA

Sri Lanka ETA is a short visa, allowing applicants to stay in Sri Lanka up to 30 days. The validity of a Sri Lanka ETA is 06 months from the date of issuance. Following the travel purposes, Sri Lanka e-visa/ETA is divided into three categories to apply:

Tourist purpose e-visa/ETA

As the name suggests, this type of visa is meant for tourists who will be traveling to Sri Lanka for a short period of time. The tourist Sri Lanka e-visa can also be applied by people who are traveling to visit friends and families in Sri Lanka. With this type of visa, Ecuadorian citizens are allowed to stay in Sri Lanka for 30 days from the arrival date, with a double entry into the country.

Business purpose e-visa/ETA

This is a type of visa granted to people traveling to Sri Lanka for business purposes for a limited period of time. The Business Sri Lanka e-visa is also available for multiple entries, with a total duration of up to 30 days from the date of entry.

Transit purpose e-visa/ETA

This type of visa is meant for Ecuadorian nationals traveling to Sri Lanka to board a connecting flight from Sri Lankan International Airport. By Transit Sri Lanka e-visa, Ecuadorian applicants can stay in the country within 48 hours (02 days) from the arrival date.

Sri Lanka visa for Ecuadorian citizens

3. How do I apply for a Sri Lanka visa from Ecuador?

The procedure to apply for a Sri Lanka ETA is very simple and convenient. Ecuadorian citizens can apply for an ETA Sri Lanka visa online. In order to apply for a Sri Lanka e-visa, follow 04 steps given below:

  • Step 1: Apply for a Sri Lanka e-Visa/ETA in an online form.
  • Step 2: Make online payments for the visa fee online.
  • Step 3: Get your Sri Lanka e-Visa/ETA by checking your emails or also tracking visa status of your visa on our website.
  • Step 4: Receive a visa stamped into your passport.

Documents required

There are certain Sri Lanka e-visa requirements that Ecuadorian nationals should prepare in order to obtain the corresponding travel authorization before visiting Sri Lanka.

Those requirements include the following:

  • Valid passport with a duration of 180 days (6 months) beyond the date of arrival, with at least 02 blank pages for entry/exit stamps.
  • Current email address where candidates will receive the approved ETA.
  • Valid debit or credit card to make payments for the ETA fee online.

Notices, after receiving the approved ETA for Sri Lanka via email, Ecuadorian citizens should take along a printed copy of the ETA approval in order to be permitted entry by border and immigration authorities upon arrival.

Documents required for Ecuadorian passport holders to get the Sri Lankan e-Visa/ETA

4. Update Sri Lanka visa fee for Ecuadorian citizens

The Sri Lanka visa ETA fee consists of an official ETA fee along with the service fee.

  • Governments fee
  • ETA service fee

You can also consider a small fee to make your trip to Sri Lanka more convenient.

  • Sri Lanka 4G Sim card service: Stay connected to the internet throughout your trip. You can completely deal with online work or stay in touch with your family and friends during the trip
  • Travel Insurance Sri Lanka service: Any unfavorable incident can happen at any point on your trip creating a lot of hassle. Unexpected incidents can also result in large financial costs that derail a trip budget. However, travelers with travel insurance have nothing to worry about. A travel insurance is a safety guard that takes care of all your unforeseen expenses incurred while traveling to Sri Lanka.
  • Sri Lanka car pickup service: After a long flight, all you need to do is get in your car and rest. Professional employees will assist you in loading your stuff into the car and safely transporting you back to the hotel.

The above article hopes to have shared with you useful information about Sri Lanka visa requirements for Ecuadorian citizens. Please contact us if you need to book the Sri Lanka ETA service for your trip. Our professional staff with many years of experience in this field will surely bring you great experiences, saving you a lot of time and effort.

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