Sri Lanka Embassy in Paris, France

For French passport holders who plan to visit Sri Lanka, a visa is required. Let Sri Lanka Immigration Services provide you with helpful information about the Sri Lanka embassy in France and how you can get your visa to visit this South Asian country.

What does Sri Lanka Embassy in France serve?

The Sri Lanka Embassy serves as the official representation Sri Lanka in France, which facilitates and strengthens diplomatic relations between the two nations. With a comprehensive mandate, the embassy encompasses all matters regarding political, economic, financial, and legal affairs, ensuring Sri Lankan citizens in France receive assistance in a timely manner. Beyond the realms of governance and commerce, the embassy also fosters collaboration in science, education, and culture, promoting mutual understanding and cooperation between the peoples of both countries.

Sri Lanka Embassy in France contact information

Sri Lanka's embassy in Paris is the sole Sri Lankan representation in France.


  • Office Address: 16, Rue Spontini, 75016 Paris, France
  • UNESCO: Bureau 2.08-2.09, 01 Rue Millis, 75732 Paris, Cedex 15
  • Office Days: Monday to Friday
  • Office Hours: 0900 – 1700hrs
  • Telephone: 55733131
  • Email:
  • Website:

A Guide on Sri Lankan Visa Application for French Citizens

A Sri Lanka visa for French citizens is required. So, French citizens who want to enter Sri Lanka must apply for a visa. Instead of visiting the embassy to get a visa, French citizens are strongly encouraged to apply for a Sri Lanka e visa online. A Sri Lanka e-visa is only granted to those who visit Sri Lanka for such purposes as tourism, short-term business, or transit.

If you wish to visit the country for other reasons, including employment, education, or medical treatment, please get in touch with the Sri Lanka Embassy in Paris, France, or the consulate for further details.

If you have any further questions or comments, please contact us. Thank you!

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