Sri Lanka Embassy in Finland

The Sri Lanka Embassy in Finland is a vital diplomatic mission between the two nations, fostering strong bilateral relations and promoting cultural and economic cooperation. Read on to learn more about the Sri Lanka embassy in Finland and how Finnish citizens can apply for a visa to visit this fascinating land.

Sri Lanka Embassy in Finland Information

The Sri Lanka Embassy in Finland has not been established yet. Sri Lanka's consulate general in Helsinki is the sole Sri Lankan representative in Finland.

Sri Lanka Honorary Consulate General in Helsinki, Finland information

  • Address: Koukkuniemenkuja, Helsinki, Finland
  • Office hours: Monday to Friday, by appointment
  • Closed: Saturday & Sunday

Note that honorary consulates typically offer limited consular services. Contact the Sri Lanka consulate general in Helsinki directly to confirm the availability of consular services. Kindly contact and apply for a Sri Lanka Visa at the nearest Sri Lanka Embassy or Consulate in person or by email before arriving in Sri Lanka.

Information of Sri Lanka embassies near Finland

Sri Lanka Visa Application for Finnish Citizens

Finland is currently among the eligible countries for a Sri Lanka e-visa for a short-time trip, a maximum of 30 days. As a result, citizens of Finland can apply for a Sri Lanka visa online from Finland which saves money and time.

Follow our simple instructions to complete your visa application swiftly and secure your Sri Lanka e-visa promptly: Step by step to apply for a Sri Lanka visa from Finland.

It's important to note that the Sri Lanka e-visa is exclusively for purposes such as tourism, short-term business, or transit. For other types of visits, kindly contact the Sri Lanka Embassy in your home country for further guidance.

Now is the time to obtain your Sri Lanka visa online for your trip to Sri Lanka, where you will experience the magic of a land filled with awe-inspiring scenery.

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