Srilanka updates free Tourist Visa Government fee for 45 countries

Srilanka updated free Tourist Visa Government fee for 45 countries.

In an effort to boost tourism, the island nation of Sri Lanka will allow travelers from nearly 50 nations to get free government fee for tourist visa starting Aug. 1st.

Srilanka updates free Tourist Visa Government fee for 45 countries

“The offer will remain for six months and the government will assess the loss of revenue from visas after six months,” said by an official at the Tourism Development Ministry.

See the list below:

Austria Germany Poland China Thailand
Belgium Greece Portugal India Switzerland
Bulgaria Hungary Romania Indonesia Malaysia
Croatia Ireland Slovakia Iceland Cambodia
Cyprus Italy Slovenia Israel South Korea
Czech Latvia Spain Japan  
Denmark Lithuania Sweden New Zealand  
Estonia Luxembourg UK Norway  
Finland Malta Australia Philippines  
France Netherlands Canada Russia  

It is hoped that these steps will increase the number of Srilanka’s visitors. The e-visa will allow Srilanka travelers to get the permit online. Contact us now to get yours!

Be noted that the free government fee is only applied for Tourist Visa. Business Visa is still charged as normal.

Kindly check the government fee for your nationality at the price list. If you have further questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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