New Update - Sri Lanka Introduce New Visa System For Travelers

It can be seen that Sri Lanka ranks among the top tourist destinations globally, following Indonesia, the UAE, and Vietnam. Notably, it offers free visas to citizens from India, China, Russia, Thailand, Malaysia, and others. Speaking of visas, are you familiar with the latest Sri Lanka Visa update recently implemented by the Sri Lankan Government's Department of Immigration and Emigration? Let's look into the details of these new visa updates.

A Short NoticeĀ of The New Updates

To enhance visa processing efficiency and deter fraudulent activities, the Sri Lankan Department of Immigration and Emigration has introduced a new visa procedure starting from April 2024. By upgrading to a new application method, travelers can have a friendly user interface to apply for new types of visas. This upgrade can bring the different fees, requirements, and validity periods for visas in Sri Lanka.

To access the online visa application portal and obtain detailed information, individuals may visit our website. This platform is committed to ensuring a quick and efficient visa application process, catering to the requirements of both tourists and investors. Such initiatives are anticipated to contribute to Sri Lanka's economic growth by increasing foreign exchange earnings and attracting investments.

The Sri Lanka government has implemented a new e-Visa system

The Sri Lanka government has implemented a new e-visa system

Types of Sri Lanka e-Visa That You Should Know

For an easier experience, the Sri Lanka government has re-divided visa types for travelers to choose from. This means helping travelers with an easy visualization of the purposes of each visa.

  • Tourist e-Visa: This visa is for those who come to Sri Lanka for tourism purposes such as sightseeing, and experiencing the lifestyle and culture here. Tourist e-Visa allows a double entry for staying up to 60 days.

  • Business e-Visa (Double Entry for 60 days): The same as tourist e-Visa; however, this type of e-Visa allows travelers to come to Sri Lanka with the purpose of business. These can include activities such as attending workshops, meetings, or short-term business trips.

  • Transit e-Visa: For those who are only transiting through Sri Lanka, you can apply for this type of visa which allows you to stay within 4 days with a single entry. Those who do not apply for a transit visa must stay in the airport and wait for the next flight.

Travelers who want to apply for a visa can complete the Sri Lanka application form and get one within a few days. In contrast, travelers who want to apply for other types of visa or with other visit purposes, please contact the Sri Lanka Embassy in your home country. Here is the list of Sri Lanka Embassy.

There are 3 types of Sri Lanka e-Visas that travelers can apply for

There are 3 types of Sri Lanka e-Visas that travelers can apply for

Eligibility for Applying for Sri Lanka e-Visa

When applying for a Sri Lanka e-Visa, travelers should notice about the following visa requirements:

  • One passport is valid for at least six months counting from the date of entry to Sri Lanka.
  • One biographical page in your passport scan.
  • One personal color photo for each applicant which is taken within 6 months.
  • Invitation letter from host company in Sri lanka (For business e-Visa).
  • The Flight ticket and Hotel booking confirmation (Both business e-visa and transit e-visa)

One more important information, travelers can use the Sri Lanka e-Visa to enter only 03 airports:

  • Bandaranaike International Airport - CMB - Western Province
  • Jaffna International Airport - JAF - Northern Province
  • Mattala Rajapaksa International Airport - HRI - Southern Province

If you want to come to Sri Lanka at another checkpoint, please apply for another travel document.

Prices for Sri Lanka e-Visa

With the development of the visa system, the Sri Lanka government has changed the visa fees. Travelers can see the full details of visa fees in order to make clear all the fees we have clarified.

However, there is one more thing that travelers need to know. When applying for an e-visa, make sure you understand about the government fee and service fees. The government fee is the amount that is paid directly to the government. In contrast, the service fee is the amount that is paid to us for consulting services, document handling, and others.

  • Normal Service: It takes 03 business days to get an e-visa.
  • Urgent Service: It takes 24 business hours to get an e-Visa.
  • Super Urgent Service: It takes 05 business hours to get an e-Visa.

Visa fees depend on which service you choose

Visa fees depend on which service you choose


In conclusion, the Sri Lanka e-Visa streamlines entry into the country, prioritizing efficiency and security. This digital platform reflects Sri Lanka's commitment to enhancing the travel experience and fostering tourism while adhering to regulatory standards.