Happy Pongal Day 2020

Celebrated in India and Sri Lanka, Thai Pongal is a must-celebrated harvest festival that occurs between the last day of Margazhi and the third month of Thai in the Tamil calendar, or between January 13th to January 16th in the Gregorian calendar. It is one of the few Hindu holidays that is based on a solar calendar instead of a lunar one. That’s because its celebration is to venerate and show appreciation to the Sun God for a bountiful harvest.

Happy Pongal Day 2020

Should you choose to travel in Sri Lanka around Tamil Thai Pongal Day, there will be much to do. Below are three activities that many will want to take part in:

  • Attend “official festivities” in various parts of Sri Lanka, which will include things like fireworks displays and traditional song and dance, besides the religious eating of “sticky rice.” These celebrations often continue long into the night.
  • Tour the streets to see the beautifully decorated homes of celebrants.
  • Dine on some genuine Sri Lankan cuisine.

Sri Lankan culture is similar to that of parts of India, but the island has also developed many unique traditions. You will find that the way its people keep Tamil Thai Pongal Day is different than in other countries that celebrate it and will find there are many interesting festivities and delicious foods to enjoy.

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