1 . A Would-Be Wi-Fi Paradise

    Mar 28 (Bloomberg) Sri Lanka has enjoyed an era of strong economic growth since its bloody, 26-year civil war ended in 2009. To keep it going, the government is trying to make the island nation a technology hub.

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    2 . After success in Indonesia, ZEN Rooms expands to Sri Lanka and three other countries

    ZEN Rooms (powered by Rocket Internet) has in a statement confirmed its No. 1 position in the South East Asia budget hotel sector by announcing the opening of operations in four new countries: Thailand, Singapore, Sri Lanka and Philippines.

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    3 . SL named top tourist destination for 2016

    Sri Lanka has been named as a top under-the radar destination for 2016 by the Fox News, a post on the FoxNews website said. “This tropical Island in the Indian Ocean offers sweeping landscapes of lush green countryside.

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