Sri Lanka visa requirements for Vanuatuan citizens in April 2024

Welcome to our detailed guide to obtaining a Sri Lanka visa for Vanuatuan citizens. With its captivating scenery, rich cultural heritage, and different experiences, Sri Lanka is a unique travel destination for Vanuatuan. Sri Lanka Immigration Services will lead you through applying for a Sri Lanka visa, including the various visa kinds, application procedures, the latest Sri Lanka entry requirements, and costs in this article. Prepare to go on an exciting vacation to Sri Lanka's tropical wonderland with us!

Sri Lanka visa for Vanuatu citizens

Sri Lanka visa for Vanuatu citizens

Understanding Sri Lanka Visa for Vanuatuan Citizens

Vanuatuan citizens must obtain a visa to enter Sri Lanka. There are two ways to obtain a Sri Lanka visa:

  • Traditional visa: The Vanuatuan candidates go to the Sri Lanka Embassy to obtain a standard visa, such as a work visa or student visa.
  • Visit the Sri Lanka Immigration Services website to obtain a Sri Lanka online visa for tourist, business, or transit purposes.

How long to stay and what validity of Sri Lanka e-visas Vanuatuan citizens?

Depending on the Sri Lanka visa type, the time to stay in this country is different:

  • Tourist e-visas are issued for leisure and sightseeing reasons only. The maximum stay is 30 days with double entry.
  • Business e-visa: For conducting business and attending conferences. The maximum length of stay with multiples is 30 days.
  • Transit e-visas are issued for short layovers or connecting flights. Vanuatuan are only allowed to stay in Sri Lanka for 48 hours.

What is the document required:

  • Passport Validity: Check that your passport is valid for at least six months from arrival.
  • Completed Visa Application Form: Provide complete personal information and trip arrangements.
  • A recent passport photograph: Please include a high-quality photograph that meets the standards.
  • Purchase travel insurance that covers medical expenses and repatriation.

Additional Documents Required Tourist visa requirements:

  • Flight Schedule: Please include a copy of your confirmed round-trip flight reservation.
  • Proof of Accommodation: Provide documentation of your intended lodging, such as hotel reservations or a host's invitation letter.
  • Financial Proof: Provide proof that you have enough money to support your stay in Sri Lanka.

Additional documents required for a Business Visa:

  • Letter of Invitation: Obtain an invitation letter from the company or group hosting you in Sri Lanka.
  • Documents Required for Business Registration: Provide appropriate documents establishing your company's existence.
  • Employer's Letter: Submit a letter from your company outlining the reason for your visit and the length of your stay.

Additional Documents Required Transit visa requirements:

  • Provide a valid passport, onward flight ticket, and visa (if applicable) for the ultimate destination.
  • Please contact us for more information. We will keep you up to date on the current Sri Lanka immigration criteria for Vanuatuan people.

Sri Lanka visa requirements for Vanuatu citizens

Sri Lanka visa requirements for Vanuatu citizens

How to apply for a Sri Lanka e-visa in Vanuatu?

With the e-visa system, applying Sri Lanka visa for Vanuatuan citizens is easy nowadays. The candidates must have a device with an internet connection, complete the online application, and make the required payment. Here are the actions to take:

It takes only four steps to apply for a Sri Lankan e-visa from Vanuatu:

Step 1: Apply for a Sri Lanka e-Visa online.

Visit the "Apply Visa" page at the website and complete the form. Vanuatuan citizens must enter the exact personal details of everyone in the application.

Step 2: Pay the visa application fee online.

Check your information to ensure that it is all correct. Then select a payment type and proceed to the secure payment page.

Visit the e-visa promotion code page to obtain your application's Sri Lanka discount code.

After we receive full payment for our service and government fees, we will send you an email requesting more information to complete your application.

Step 3: Get your Sri Lanka e-Visa.

Check your emails periodically for confirmation of your information and the day and time you will receive your e-visa.

Note: When you receive your e-visa, double-check your details to ensure everything is proper. To track the status of the application, the candidates can visit the "Check status" page.

Step 4: Have your visa stamped in your passport.

The immigration personnel will stamp your passport if you arrive in Sri Lanka with a valid e-Visa.

How much of Sri Lanka visa fees for Vanuatuan citizens

The Sri Lanka visa charge for citizens of Vanuatu includes two types of visa fees:

  • The service fee is the sum you must pay in advance for our service, which includes advising you on the Sri Lanka e-Visa, supplying the necessary documents, reviewing your application, and informing you of the outcome of your application. We will collect your e-visa from the Sri Lankan government and email it to you.
  • The Governance fee is the sum that the Vanuatuan applicant must pay to the Sri Lanka Immigration Department for the e-visa to be processed. This is the mandatory charge for applicants seeking an e-visa.

Sri Lanka visa fee for Vanuatuan citizens

Sri Lanka visa fee for Vanuatuan citizens

How long to take a Sri Lanka approval visa?

Average processing time for various types of visas:

  • Normal services: You will usually receive your e-visa within three business days.
  • Urgent services: Get your e-Visa within 24 hours.
  • Super Urgent Services: Obtain an e-Visa within 5 business hours.

Advice for Vanuatuan citizens applying for a Sri Lanka online visa

Many candidates need help understanding the entrance requirements for each visa form, making it easy to submit the incorrect sort of visa. So, let us check your visa type with Sri Lanka.

Any modifications made after paying the Government Fee will be charged as a new application; therefore, the Vanuatuan applicant should double-check the information before submitting the application form.

To obtain the promo code, go to the promotion page. Save money on your application by obtaining the code and completing the payment stage.

This article gives you helpful information about Sri Lanka visas for Vanuatuan citizens. Let’s contact us if you want to support or get an online visa quickly.

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