Sri Lanka visa for Namibian citizens: Requirements and Cost in July 2024

Sri Lanka visa for Namibian citizens: Welcome to our comprehensive guide on obtaining a Sri Lanka visa for Namibian citizens. We will walk you through the process of applying for a Sri Lanka visa, including the different visa types, application procedures, and essential travel information. Prepare to embark on an unforgettable journey to the tropical paradise of Sri Lanka!

Sri Lanka Visa for Namibian Citizens

Sri Lanka Visa for Namibian Citizens

Understanding Sri Lanka Visa for Namibian Citizens

A Sri Lanka visa for Namibian citizens is required to enter the country. It has two ways to obtain a visa:

Duration of Stay and Validity of Sri Lanka e-visas available for Namibian citizens

  • Tourist Visa: For leisure and sightseeing purposes. The time to stay maximum is 30 days with double entry.
  • Business Visa: For engaging in business activities and attending conferences. The time to stay maximum is 30 days with multiple entries.
  • Transit Visa: For a short layover or connecting flights. The Namibian only has 48 hours to stay in Sri Lanka.

Document required:

  • Valid Passport: Ensure your passport is valid for at least six months from arrival.
  • Completed Visa Application Form: Provide accurate details about your personal information and travel plans.
  • Recent Passport-Sized Photograph: Attach a high-quality photograph meeting the specified requirements.
  • Travel Insurance: The Government recommends that tourists obtain travel insurance covering medical expenses and repatriation.

Additional Required Documents For Tourist Visa:

  • Flight Itinerary: Submit a copy of your confirmed round-trip flight reservation.
  • Proof of Accommodation: Provide documentation of your planned accommodation, such as hotel bookings or an invitation letter from a host.
  • Financial Proof: Show evidence of sufficient funds to support your stay in Sri Lanka.

Additional Required Documents For Business Visa:

  • Invitation Letter: Obtain an invitation letter from the inviting company or organization in Sri Lanka.
  • Business Registration Documents: Provide relevant documents proving the existence of your business.
  • Letter from Employer: Submit a letter from your employer stating the purpose of your visit and the duration of your stay.

Additional Required Documents For Transit Visa:

  • Provide your valid passport, onward flight ticket, and visa for the final destination (if applicable).
  • Please contact us for the details help. Sri Lanka Immigration Services will provide you with the latest information about Sri Lanka entry requirements for Namibian citizens.

Sri Lanka visa requirements for Namibia citizens

Sri Lanka visa requirements for Namibia citizens

How to apply Sri Lanka visa for Namibian citizens

Follow the online application process and make the necessary payment. Applying for a Sri Lankan e-visa from Namibia is as simple as four steps:

Step 1: Apply Sri Lanka e-Visa in an online form

  • Sign in to your account at and fill in the online form on our website at “APPLY VISA”.
  • Type your information into the online form as the details in your passport.
  • You need to enter the exact personal information of all the people included in your application.

Step 2: Pay the visa fee online

  • Double-check your information to make sure that all of it is correct. Then choose the payment method and fill in the secure page to make the payment.
  • Take advantage of the e-visa promotion page to get the discount code for your application.
  • After we have received your full payment of our service fee and the government fee, Sri Lanka Immigration Services will send you an email asking for extra information to finish your application.

Step 3: Get your Sri Lanka e-Visa

  • Check your emails frequently to find the confirmation for your information and the time you will get your e-visa.
  • You also can check the status of your visa on our website.
  • When receiving approval Sri Lanka e-Visa, you should review your information one more time to ensure everything is correct.

Step 4: Receive your visa stamped into your passport

When you arrive in Sri Lanka with a valid e-Visa, the immigration staff will stamp your passport. Take note of the valid time of your e-Visa to renew or extend the time of your stay.

How Much of Sri Lanka Visa Fees and Payment Methods

The Sri Lanka visa cost for Namibia citizens includes 02 types of visa fees:

  • The service fee is the amount you must pay in advance for our service, which includes advising you about the Sri Lanka e-Visa, providing the documents you need, checking your application, and giving you the result. We will collect your e-Visa from the Sri Lankan government and send it to you via email before you arrive at the Sri Lanka ports (at the airports, borders, and seaports).
  • The Governance fee: is the amount the Namibian applicant has to pay for the Sri Lanka Immigration Department to process an e-visa. This is the obligation fee for applicants who wish to apply for e-Visa.

Sri Lanka visa fee for Namibia citizens

Sri Lanka visa fee for Namibia citizens

How long of Sri Lanka visa Processing Time:

Average processing time for different visa types:

  • Normal: Get an e-Visa within 3 business days.
  • Urgent: Get an e-Visa within 24 hours.
  • Super Urgent: Get your e-Visa within 5 business hours.

Advice for Namibian citizens to get the Sri Lanka online visa

Many Namibian candidates need to learn the entry requirements of each type of visa to make their visa applications, so it is easy to submit the wrong type of visa. So, let's check your type of visa with Sri Lanka.

Any changes after paying The Government Fee will be charged as a new application, so the Namibian applicant must carefully check the information before submitting the application form.

Visit the promotion page to get the promo code. Save money for your application by getting the code and filling in the payment step.

Obtaining a Sri Lanka visa for Namibian citizens at Sri Lanka Immigration Services is a straightforward process that allows you to explore the beauty and cultural richness of this tropical paradise. Following the steps, you can ensure a smooth visa application experience and prepare for an unforgettable journey to Sri Lanka. Immerse yourself in the captivating landscapes, vibrant traditions, and warm hospitality of Sri Lanka.

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