Sri Lanka visa requirements for Bissau-Guinean citizens in July 2024

Welcome to this detailed tutorial on applying for a visa to Sri Lanka for Guinea-Bissau citizens. This step-by-step tutorial will help you quickly navigate the visa application procedure. Please carefully follow the directions to ensure a smooth and trouble-free experience.

Sri Lanka visa Bissau Guinean citizens

Sri Lanka visa Bissau Guinean citizens

Is a visa for Sri Lanka for Bissau Guinean citizens required?

A Sri Lanka visa for Bissau Guinean citizens is required, so the important thing is obtaining a visa if you are planning to visit this country.

Determine the Type of Sri Lanka visa requirements for Bissau Guinean citizens

Let's start by determining the type of visa you need to apply for. Identify the purpose of your visit and choose the appropriate visa category accordingly.

Sri Lanka e-visa offers several visa categories, including tourist, business, transit, and work visas. With this type of visa, the Bissau Guinean candidates only need to visit the Sri Lanka Immigration Services website to apply. The visa application process is online.

For other purposes (study, working,..), Bissau Guinean citizens need to visit the nearest Sri Lanka Embassy for details information and requirements.

What are Sri Lanka online visa kinds for Bissau Guinean citizens

Bissau Guinean residents can apply for one of three Sri Lanka Visa Online (e-Visas) types.

  • The Tourist e-Visa implies that once Bissau Guinean visitors enter Sri Lanka, they can stay up to 30 days with a double entry.
  • The Transit e-Visa: This is only provided in extremely particular conditions. The tourist must have a connecting flight from the same airport where they arrived within two days (48 hours).
  • The Business e-Visa: This form of e-Visa permits Bissau Guinean nationals to stay in Sri Lanka within the double entry for 30 days in the country.

Note that both Sri Lanka Tourist e-Visa and Business e-Visa have a validity period of 06 months from the issue date.

Type of Sri Lanka visa for Bissau Guinea citizens

Type of Sri Lanka visa for Bissau Guinea citizens

Required documents - What needs to be prepared?

Collect all the necessary documents to support your Sri Lanka visa application. Generally, applicants will need the following list of supporting documents:

  • The Guinea Bissau Passport is valid for at least six months beyond your intended stay in Sri Lanka.
  • Photograph: Attach a recent passport-sized photograph to the application form per the specified guidelines.
  • For Sri Lanka tourist visa:

Flight Itinerary: Present a copy of your confirmed round-trip flight reservation.

Proof of Accommodation: Provide documentation showing your accommodation arrangements, such as hotel bookings or an invitation letter from a host in Sri Lanka.

Financial Proof: Demonstrate your financial capability to support your trip by providing bank statements or evidence of sufficient funds.

  • For the Business visa, Letter of Invitation (if appropriate) for the Business visa: Include an invitation letter from the inviting company or group if you are visiting Sri Lanka.

How to complete a Sri Lanka visa from Guinea Bissau

It's easy to complete the online visa application form accurately and completely. Provide all the required information, such as personal details, travel itinerary, and purpose of visit. Step by step to apply Sri Lanka visa application form

  • Step 1: Fill out an online application for a Sri Lanka e-Visa with detailed information.
  • Step 2: Carefully check that all of the information you provided in the first step is correct, and make a payment. Please select a payment option (credit card or debit card, PayPal, or bank transfer) and complete the secure form for the visa process.
  • Step 3: Check your emails for your Sri Lanka e-Visa, or check your visa status on our website.
  • Step 4: Have your e-visa via email.

Track your visa application status

After submitting your application, you can track its progress using the reference number provided. This allows you to stay informed about the status of your visa application.

Ensure you have all the necessary travel documents, including your passport and visa. Make copies of these documents and keep them in a separate place while you travel. Upon arrival in Sri Lanka, present your passport, visa, and other relevant documents to the immigration authorities for verification.

Sri Lanka visa requirements for Bissau Guinean citizens

Sri Lanka visa requirements for Bissau Guinean citizens

How much is the cost of a Sri Lanka visa for Guinea Bissau citizens, and processing

There are two kinds of Sri Lanka e-Visa costs that you have to pay to get your Sri Lanka e-visa, including the e-Visa service fee and Government fee:

Sri Lanka Service Fee is the amount you have to pay in advance for our service, which includes advising you about the Sri Lanka e-Visa, providing the documents you need, checking your application, and giving you the result via email.

The visa fee differs depending on the Sri Lanka type of urgent level. It has 03 levels of Sri Lanka visa processing:

  • Normal Services: An e-visa is issued within 3 business days.
  • Urgent Services: Obtain an e-Visa within 24 hours.
  • Super Urgent Services: Get an e-Visa within 5 business hours.

By following this step-by-step guide, you should now have a clear understanding of how to apply for a Sri Lanka visa as a citizen of Guinea-Bissau. Remember to carefully review all the requirements, provide accurate information, and submit your application to Sri Lanka Immigration Services well before your intended travel dates. Safe travels, and enjoy your time in beautiful Sri Lanka!

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