Sri Lanka visa for Faroese citizens in May 2024

Traveling to Sri Lanka offers a fantastic experience for foreigners, particularly those hailing from diverse cultures like Faroese. Therefore, this destination should not be overlooked, especially given the convenient option available to Faroese citizens for obtaining a Sri Lanka Visa.

If you're a citizen of the Faroe Islands, you don't have to make a trip to the nearest Sri Lankan embassy to apply for a visa. Instead, you can acquire one upon your arrival in Sri Lanka. However, to obtain this document, you must apply for a Sri Lanka Electronic Visa (e-Visa) before your departure. The e-Visa is an electronic authorization system that permits Faroese to visit Sri Lanka for short-term trips.

Fortunately, obtaining a Sri Lanka e-Visa is a simple online process, and Sri Lanka Immigration Services can assist you with it.

1. Do Faroese citizens need visas to visit Sri Lanka?

Yes, Faroese citizens are required to obtain a Sri Lanka visa when traveling to the country. The type of visa you should apply for depends on the purpose of your visit (including tourism, business short-term trips, or transit purposes). For work, study, and other purposes, Faroese citizens can apply for a visa at the Sri Lanka embassy or consulate. For short trips, they can visit Sri Lanka Immigration Services to apply for an e-visa. It's important to note that the Sri Lanka online visa allows visitors entry for travel, business, and transit.

Faroe Islands citizens must get a visa before entering Sri Lanka

Faroe Islands citizens must get a visa before entering Sri Lanka

2. How to apply Sri Lanka visa for Faroese citizens

Here's a step-by-step guide to help you navigate the process. Keep reading!

Check Sri Lanka Visa Requirements for Faroese Passport Holders

Sri Lanka Immigration Services handles most of the paperwork for you, but you need to ensure that you meet the requirements. Fortunately, the list is not extensive, and you probably already possess the required documents. Here's what you'll need to provide:

  • Valid Passport: To obtain a Sri Lanka e-Visa, all applicants must have a valid passport that remains valid for at least six months beyond their arrival date in Sri Lanka.
  • A photo of biographical details in your passport. The paper must show clearly every information.
  • Digital Photo: Make sure your photo is recent and adheres to passport photo guidelines.
  • Valid Email Address: Sri Lanka Immigration Services will send your e-Visa via email in PDF format, so you must provide an accessible email address. Don't forget to print a physical copy before your departure.
  • Means of Payment: During the application process, you'll be required to make a payment. Sri Lanka Immigration only accepts credit or debit cards, as well as PayPal, Amex, master card, or wire transfers through the Bank of Cyprus.

Check requirements for Faroe Islands citizens

Check requirements for Faroe Islands citizens

How to Complete the Visa Application Form?

Sri Lanka Immigration Services will guide you through filling out an online application form, which is simple and brief, taking no more than 20 minutes to complete. If you encounter any challenges, they offer free 24/7 support.

The application form consists of three steps:

Personal Information: Provide your information details, passport information, and trip details. You'll also need to select a processing time, that affects the cost of your Sri Lanka e-Visa.

  • Standard processing: Most affordable but takes up to 3 business days.
  • Rush processing: Ready in just 24 hours.
  • Super Rush Processing: Processed within 5 hours.

Payment and Review: Carefully review your form for errors before proceeding. The Sri Lanka visa fee depends on the type of rush visa service you choose. For more information, the visa can not be refunded if your visa application is rejected. Therefore, travelers must review your application carefully before submitting the form.

Document Upload: In the final step, upload necessary documents like your photo and a scan of your passport's information page.

Submit Your Application and Await Processing

Once you've completed all three steps of the application form, simply submit your application, and their professional team will take care of the rest.

The process of applying for an e-visa

The process of applying for an e-visa

In conclusion, using Sri Lanka Immigration Services as your visa service makes it effortless for Faroese citizens, or citizens of any other country, to apply for a Sri Lanka visa. Just follow these simple steps to obtain your Sri Lanka e-Visa.

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