Sri Lanka Visa for Egyptian Citizens in June 2024

Sri Lanka is a small country in Asia, which owns 8 heritages recognized by Unesco (6 cultural heritages, 2 natural heritages) This place is suitable for those who want to find a feeling of peace and quiet because life in Sri Lanka is peaceful and slow; the people are kind, sincere. Therefore, the tourism industry is one of this country's highlights.

Knowing that demand, in 2012 the Sri Lankan authority decided to launch a new type of visa which is a suitable replacement for the regular visa type for short-term trips because it is faster to get, cheaper, and more importantly, you do not need to spend much effort to apply at the embassy and wait for days to get a response.

If you have a plan for the perfect Srilanka trip, let help you get a Sri Lanka visa with the simplest procedure. And first, let's check the Sri Lanka visa requirements for Egyptian citizens in the articles below.

Does an Egyptian need a visa to Sri Lanka?

1. Does an Egyptian need a visa to Sri Lanka?

A Sri Lanka visa for Egyptian citizens is required. So, Egyptian passport holders need a Sri Lanka visa to be allowed to enter this country.

Now, Egyptian nationals can apply for the Sri Lanka Visa online from Egypt easily. Upon arrival, they just need to print off their e-visa and take it with them. The Sri Lanka immigration staff will stamp your passport when you travel to Sri Lanka with a valid e-Visa.

2. How long is the visa period for a Sri Lankan visa online?

Egyptian citizens entering Sri Lanka with an e-Visa Visa can stay up to 30 days at most. Including 3 forms of online visa as follows: Tourist e-visa, Business e-visa, Transit e-visa.

Sri Lanka Business e-Visa

The Sri Lanka business e-visa allows Egyptian citizens to arrive in Sri Lanka to participate in business meetings and negotiations you can stay within Sri Lanka for up to one month (30 days) from the date of your arrival with multiple entries.

Sri Lanka Tourist e-Visa

The Sri Lanka travel e-Visa allows Egyptian travelers whose purpose of visiting Sri Lanka is tourism, recreation, sightseeing, a casual visit to meet friends or relatives, etc. The Tourist e-visa has a double entry and you can stay in Sri Lanka for up to 30 days from the date of your entry.

Sri Lanka Transit e-Visa

Egyptian citizens can get a Sri Lanka Transit e-Visa. Time entry is up to 02 days (48 hours) from the date of your arrival. This Visa online approved for the citizens will transit through Sri Lanka airport.

For these types of e-Visa, there is only 01 required document you need to provide: your legal passport which is valid for at least 06 months from the date of your arrival.

Where to apply for a Sri Lanka visa?

3. Where to apply for a Sri Lanka visa?

Now, travelers can apply for a Sri Lanka visa quickly and simply by e-visa, also called e-Visa, without having to send their passport to the Sri Lanka Embassy.

Egyptian citizens, who have a plan to visit Sri Lanka, can choose our visa service to get a Sri Lanka e-Visa. Visit our website at, create an account, and follow the instructions. Our e-Visa visa application process consists of only 4 simple and fast steps that will save a lot of time and money for you.

The best way to enjoy the trip is by using e-Visa for Sri Lanka tourism, recreation, sightseeing, casual business, and casual visits to meet friends or relatives.

How long does it take to process a Sri Lankan e-visa for Egyptian citizens?

Currently, our Sri Lanka e-Visa service has 3 levels for you to choose from. Depending on the processing time, you will choose a suitable visa e-Visa service in the following options:

  • The Normal service: you can get your e-visa result within 03 business days by using this type of service.
  • The Urgent service can give you the e-visa type you need within 24 hours.
  • The Super Urgent: within 05 business hours, you can get an e-visa you wish if you choose this service type.

4. How much is the Srilanka visa fee for the Egyptian?

The Sri Lanka visa online for the Egyptians has two types of fee, including:

  • Government fee is the obligation fee the amount that the applicant has to pay for the Sri Lanka Immigration Department to process e-Visa.
  • The service fee is the amount you have to pay in advance for our service on the Sri Lanka e-Visa. Including advice about your Sri Lanka e-Visa, providing the documents, checking your application, and giving you the result of your application.
  • Additional service: Sri Lanka 4G SIM and Sri Lanka travel insurance are 02 extra utilities you should consider when traveling to Sri Lanka. We also offer a car pick-up service, giving you comfort and a pleasant experience as soon as you arrive in Sri Lanka.

Thank you for reading this article above. Hope it gives you useful information about the Sri Lanka Visa requirements for Egyptian citizens. Feel free to contact us 24/7 if you have any questions or want to apply for a Sri Lanka visa online now.

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