Sri Lanka visa for Cuban citizens: Requirements and e-Visa Cost in May 2024

Sri Lanka, a land synonymous with serenity, beckons travelers to recover and immerse themselves in its breathtaking natural beauty. Situated as one of the most captivating travel destinations in Southern Asia, Sri Lanka's distinctive tear-shaped geography, warm and welcoming locals, and myriad of attractions make it a truly remarkable place for adventurers to discover.

As seasoned travel consultants, we extend our expertise to facilitate your Sri Lanka visa application and offer an array of travel-related services. This article is dedicated to Cuban travelers, providing all the essential details on acquiring a Sri Lanka visa for Cuban citizens.

1. Sri Lanka visa for Cuban citizens

For Cuban citizens planning a journey to Sri Lanka, whether for leisure or business, an Electronic Visa (e-Visa), also known as an electronic visa (e-visa), is available. This means that you can effortlessly apply for a Sri Lanka e-visa online, with the assistance of Sri Lanka Immigration Services, ensuring a swift and hassle-free process.

Kinds of Sri Lanka online visa

There are three types of e-Visas / e-Visas for travel to Sri Lanka:

  • Tourist e-Visa Visa: This double-entry visa grants a 30-day stay, ideal for travelers heading to Sri Lanka for tourism, visits, and medical purposes.
  • Business e-Visa Visa: Designed for multiple entries, this visa allows for a 30-day stay, catering to individuals visiting Sri Lanka for business and trade-related activities (but not for employment).
  • Transit e-Visa Visa: Reserved for travelers requiring a brief stopover in Sri Lanka before proceeding to a third country, this visa permits a 48-hour stay.

Sri Lankan visa for Cuban citizens

Sri Lankan visa for Cuban citizens

2. Check Sri Lanka visa requirements for Cuban citizens

To complete your visa application, you must provide a single crucial document for a Sri Lankan e-Visa: a copy of your valid Cuban passport or travel document with at least six months of validity beyond your intended travel date and a minimum of one blank page for entry stamps.

In cases where you haven't completed the required vaccination regimen, you will be asked to provide information about your accommodations, enabling the Sri Lankan government to monitor your journey within their country and contribute to pandemic prevention. Rest assured, our expert guidance will ensure that you meet these requirements with ease.

Additionally, we strongly recommend that Cuban citizens consider adding Sri Lanka travel insurance to their travel plans. This not only safeguards your financial interests in unforeseen circumstances while away from home but also expedites the approval of your e-Visa/e-Visa. The application for insurance can be seamlessly completed during your e-visa application, without the need for additional declarations.

With our support, you can proceed with confidence, beginning with the completion of the online application form. Our comprehensive guidance guarantees the timely acquisition of your essential travel documents.

Sri Lanka visa requirements for Cuban citizens

Sri Lanka visa requirements for Cuban citizens

3. Cost of Sri Lanka visa for Cuban citizens

To secure a Sri Lanka visa as a Cuban citizen, you will be responsible for two distinct fees: the service fee and the government fee.

The government fee is compulsory and varies based on the type of e-visa you are applying for, as Cuba is not on the list of countries exempt from this fee.

As for the service fee, you can select the processing option that best suits your needs:

  • Normal Processing: This cost-effective choice ensures your e-visa is processed within 3 business days.
  • Urgent Processing: Opt for this option to receive your visa application in approximately 24 hours.
  • Super Urgent Processing: In the case of emergencies, this expedited service guarantees results within just 5 business hours.

Cost of Sri Lanka visa for Cuban citizens

Cost of Sri Lanka visa for Cuban citizens

Discover Sri Lanka add-on services

Sri Lanka Immigration Services has introduced a convenient car pick-up service, enhancing the travel experience for Cuban citizens visiting Sri Lanka. Applicants who utilize our Sri Lanka e-Visa service can access car rentals without the need for additional information.

Furthermore, Cuban travelers can take advantage of the Sri Lanka SIM card service for a nominal fee, ensuring seamless internet access while on their journey.

The details mentioned above encompass the application process for Sri Lanka e-Visa for Cuban citizens. Should you require any further assistance or have additional queries, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.

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