Sri Lanka Visa for Bangladeshi Citizens: Requirements and Fee in April 2024

Sri Lanka is one of the most delightful nations to visit. There are tremendous tea ranches and dazzling beaches, kind people, and slow life.

Nowadays, planning to visit this beautiful country is straightforward, productive, and efficient, because the Sri Lankan government offers an electronic travel authorization (ETA) for travelers to enter.

Let's discover the Sri Lanka visa requirements for Bangladeshi citizens in this article.

1. Sri Lanka visa for Bangladeshi citizens

A Sri Lanka visa for Bangladeshi citizens is required. Bangladeshi passport holders planning to visit Sri Lanka must have a visa or an Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA).

The kind of entry document you should apply for is determined by the reason for your trip including:

  • Tourist visa/ETA: this type of visa allows you to stay in Sri Lanka for up to 30 days from the date of your arrival with a double entry into the country.
  • Business visa/ETA: Business ETA is used when you need to enter Sri Lanka for business and with this type of e-visa, you can stay in Sri Lanka for up to 30 days from the date of your first arrival and enter the country as many times as you wish.
  • Transit visa/ETA: this is a special kind of visa that is used for overlaying in Sri Lanka for a short period. With this kind of e-visa, you can stay at the airport for up to 48 hours from the time of your arrival to wait for the next flight.

Traditionally, applicants seeking Sri Lanka visas can submit their visa applications, and supporting documents at the Sri Lanka Embassy.

However, since 2012, people applying for a visa to Sri Lanka can apply online. That means citizens can apply for Sri Lanka ETA from Bangladesh without going to the Embassy link the traditional way.

Visa to Sri Lanka for Bangladeshi citizens

2. How to apply for a Sri Lanka Visa from Bangladesh?

Recently, the citizen can apply for a Sri Lanka Visa from Bangladesh only 04 steps simple:

  • Step 1: Sign in and fill in the online form on our website at “APPLY VISA”.
  • Step 2: Make a payment online by using Credit card or debit card, PayPal, or bank transfer
  • Step 3: Check your emails to find the confirmation for your ETA application and the time you will get your e-Visa/ETA or check the visa status on our website.
  • Step 4: Receive the visa stamped into your passport

Make sure in every step, check your information is correct. You should also print out your e-Visa/ETA and take it with you when you travel to Sri Lanka.

3. How much fees and processing time to apply for a Sri Lanka visa from Bangladesh?

The fee and processing time to apply for a Sri Lanka visa from Bangladesh is dependent on the type of level of visa ETA you apply for.

Cost of Sri Lanka ETA visa

The Sri Lanka ETA fee for Bangladeshi passport holders such as every other citizen. It includes 02 types of fees.

  • Visa services fee: Your payment when using the visa online services
  • Government fee: A mandatory payment required by the government of Sri Lanka for foreigners when applying for an ETA visa.

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How many types of Sri Lanka ETA for Bangladeshi citizens

Processing time

Nowadays, it has 03 different levels to get the Sri Lanka ETA. The faster you need a visa online, the higher the cost you will pay.

  • Normal: with this service type, you can get an e-Visa/ETA within 03 business days.
  • Urgent: this higher service can help you get your e-Visa/ETA within 24 hours.
  • Super Urgent: this is the highest priority service that can help you get your e-Visa/ETA within 05 business hours.

Sri Lanka add-on services

You may further enhance your vacation by purchasing one of the three packages listed below:

  • Sri Lanka 4G SIM card service: This service keeps you connected to the internet during your journey. You can conduct your job and keep up with your social media activity without interruptions.
  • Insurance service: Make your vacation safer and more secure in the event of an unforeseen event (lost luggage, delays, etc.)
  • When you arrive, the Sri Lanka airport car pick-up service will be waiting for you. All you have to do after a long journey is sit back and relax while our driver carries your belongings to the safest hotel.

4. Why choose the Sri Lanka ETA service at GIS?

If you need assistance in preparing a visa application with all the necessary supporting documents, you may take our visa online service.

05 reasons to choose our professional Sri Lanka visa service now:

  • Safety, fastest, reliability, save time.
  • Secure online payment.
  • 3 working days guarantee.
  • No hidden fees and no traps.
  • Money-back guarantee if declined

Hope the article Sri Lanka visa requirements for Bangladeshi citizens gives you useful information. If you need more information or any assistance, please contact us for help.

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