Check Sri Lanka visa requirements for Angolan citizens in May 2024

Sri Lanka is an island country in the Indian Ocean. Because of its unspoiled natural beauty, which includes large woodlands, magnificent beaches, and swaying palms, this is a favorite holiday spot among Angolans…

If you are an Angolan citizen planning a trip to Sri Lanka, you must first apply for a visa.

This article will lead you through the whole process of acquiring a Sri Lankan visa for Angolans, including the requirements and costs.

What are Sri Lanka visa requirements for Angola citizens?

1. What are Sri Lanka visa requirements for Angola citizens?

Angola is on Sri Lanka's list of non-visa-exempt nations, thus if you are a citizen of Angola, you will need to get a visa to enter the country.

However, this is more frequently recognized as an online visa, also known as an e-visa or e-Visa for Sri Lanka. Don't worry, there are various service providers who can help you get an e-Visa as soon as possible, and Sri Lanka Immigration Services will do it the fastest and most efficiently for you.

  • You don't have to go far from home to stand in line at the Sri Lanka embassy for days or weeks to acquire a visa; instead, open your laptop/smartphone connected to the Internet, follow the procedures below, and get an e-Visa whenever you want.
  • In general, Angolan citizens' visa procedures for Sri Lanka are uncomplicated. Applicants just need to meet the following minimal requirements:
  • A passport from Angola must be valid for at least six months after the holder's admission into Sri Lanka and must have at least two blank pages for verification.
  • An email address for receiving the Sri Lanka e-Visa.

2. Type of Sri Lanka visa for Angola citizens

Angola passport holders can choose from the following Sri Lanka e-Visa/e-Visa types to meet their travel requirements.

Tourist e-Visa/e-Visa

Residents of Angola may go to Sri Lanka for the purpose of sightseeing, visiting, or seeking medical treatment. The Sri Lanka tourist e-Visa is valid for 06 months from the date of issuing and allows for two entries. Angolans with this sort of visa can stay in the nation for 30 days from the date of arrival.

Business e-Visa/e-Visa

Angolans having a business e-Visa/e-Visa are welcomed to visit Sri Lanka for business meetings, conferences, and corporate events. A Business e-Visa with multiple entries is valid for six months from the date of issue. Angola nationals with this sort of e-Visa are permitted to stay in Sri Lanka for 30 days from the date of entry.

Transit e-Visa/e-Visa

Passengers from Angola may apply for this travel permit if they are passing through Sri Lanka on their way to another destination. If your stay is less than 48 hours, you should request a Transit e-Visa straight away. Note that this type is for transit purposes only.

Transit e-Visa/e-Visa

3. How to apply for a Sri Lanka online visa for Angola citizens?

Angolans can apply for a Sri Lanka visa online from Angola using a smartphone or a computer with Internet access. If you use our Sri Lanka e-Visa service, you may get it fast by completing the following:

  • Step 1: Go to and sign in to your account. Submit the Sri Lanka e-Visa application directly at "APPLY VISA" In this phase, you will enter your visa information as well as your personal information.
  • Step 2: Before paying the visa fee in this step, double-check that all of the information supplied in the first step is correct. There are two methods of payment available: Electronic payment and bank transfer (via the Bank of Cyprus) or (a Visa, Mastercard, or American Express card)
  • Step 3: Check your emails regularly or visit our website to check the progress of your visa to obtain your Sri Lanka e-Visa.
  • Step 4: Have your passport stamped with your visa.

4. Sri Lanka visa cost for Angola citizens

The fee for acquiring a Sri Lanka visa online is divided into two categories for Angolans:

  • The government fee is the amount you must pay to the Sri Lanka Immigration Department in order for the e-Visa to be processed.
  • The service charge is the amount you must pay in advance in order for Sri Lanka Immigration Service to assist you with your Sri Lanka e-Visa. Included in this service is counseling on your Sri Lanka e-Visa, submission of paperwork, evaluation of your application, and notification of the outcome of your application.

Aside from the Sri Lanka e-Visa charge, Angola candidates should consider an additional little amount to ensure a safe and pleasant journey. Optional services: Sri Lanka 4G SIM and Sri Lanka Travel insurance are two extras to think about before visiting Sri Lanka.

You may also use our Sri Lanka car pickup service to be met when you arrive. The driver will greet you at the airport, assist with luggage transfer, and transport you safely back to your hotel.

How long is the processing time to get Sri Lanka e-Visa?

The speed with which your Sri Lanka e-Visa application is processed and delivered online is determined by your package service. Each package offers distinct convenience; the faster the service, the more convenient your journey will be.

  • Normal service: You will receive your e-Visa within 03 business days.
  • Urgent service: You will be notified of your e-Visa within 24 hours.
  • Supper Urgent service: You can get your e-Visa in 05 business hours if you need it as soon as possible.

Hope the above information was useful in understanding the Sri Lanka visa for Angolans citizens. If you are planning a vacation to Sri Lanka, contact our professional e-Visa Sri Lanka Service right now. Our expert staff will certainly give you an exceptional experience, saving you both time and money. Please contact us as soon as possible.

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