This is a commercial website to apply ETA to Srilanka through Srilanka Government Website, you will be charged a fee. To book a landing visa under our process, we will charge a service fee for providing consultancy, submitting applications and informing the status and results. Our fee will be higher than you apply directly on Srilanka Government Website or at Srilanka Embassies in your country.

Promotion event

Summer time is coming! It’s time for travelling and keeping your best memory ever. Joining us with the program FREE TRIP TO SRI LANKA where inspires your travel dream to one of the most beautiful country in the world

1. The timing

  • The day of Event: From June 22, 2016 to Jul 31, 2016

2. Reward

Three luckiest person will get:

  • The Return Flight Ticket from London to Srilanka.
  • Stay 3 days in Taj Samudra Colombo Hotel.

3. Rule

  • The country will get visa: Srilanka
  • The country can apply visa: All countries
  • 3 luckiest people have the Lottery ID on Confirm Visa for Sri lanka Succesfull with 4 last digits 0888, 1444, 1999.

4. How it works?

5. Condition and Participation

  • The person are holding passport can apply visa online to Srilanka.
  • All the visa will be processed by
  • The Promtion ID have to be same as the Lottery ID on our system.
  • The application in this promotion can not be cancelled or refunded.
  • Each Customer User Name can apply for how many order you need and you can have some Lottery IDs base on the amount of the orders you make on our system.
  • One Lottery ID is for one person.
  • The prize is not exchangebale for cash, credit or kind, in part or in full.
  • The flight booking and hotel booking confirmation will be delivered to the Winners through email within 1 months after the promotion campaign expire.
  • Our decisons on all matters relating to the Promotion shall be final and binding.
  • The flight booking and the hotel booking are subject to availability from the airlines and hotels. 
  • The customers hereby expressly agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions.
  • We warrant that  the disclosure of such paticulars to any third party service providers shall be limited to Customer’s Name, address, and telephone number and shall be used only in relation to and for the purpose of the promotion.